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Mobile App Security Testing






Mobile Application Security Testing Approach

Application Mapping

The initial step in the Mobile application security assessment is the mapping of the application for each type of the Operating System architecture. This will provide a detailed understanding of the application and the data flow, within the application as well as to the server.

  • Application understanding
  • Dataflow mapping

Client Side Attacks

In this stage, the focus of the testing is to understand the weaknesses on the client side. This includes the analysis of temporary storage, sensitive information and client side encryption

  • Binary Analysis & Identification of insecure APIs
  • File system analysis for identification of sensitive files & weak encryption implementation
  • Memory & Process analysis

Network Attacks

In this stage, the communication channel between the client and the server undergoes the review and attack. Sensitive plain text traffic is retrieved by analyzing

  • Installation traffic
  • Run time traffic

Server side attacks

The final phase of a mobile application security assessment is to assess the security of the server. In this, the server-side application would be tested to find out how it responds to various malicious requests.

  • TCP attacks are performed to identify vulnerabilities such as Buffer Overflows
  • HTTP Attacks are performed to identify application vulnerabilities such as XSS, SQL injection and other OWASP listed vulnerabilities

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